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Ah Yung Yung Yeung Kwong (“Ah Yung”) established Ah Yung Abalone (Holding) Limited in 2018 such that more people will get to enjoy “Ah Yung Abalone” and other renowned dishes developed by Ah Yung over the years. 

We are partnering with food processing factories from Taiwan with good reputation, state-of-the-art facilities, and certificates and recognitions from international organizations including ISO, HACCP and FDA, to produce Ah Yung branded products.

Before the production of “Ah Yung Abalone” and other “Ah Yung” branded products, Ah Yung would prepared samples for food processing factories himself by leveraging his culinary experience over the years, 

and from time to time visit factories to provide instructions. We have stringent requirements on the taste, quality and food safety of our products and these products must be examined by Ah Yung before they can be mass- produced.